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This James Earl Rudder campaign guide is a digital and live version of everything you will need for your branding and marketing efforts.  Below you will have references to approved artwork, links resources you may need, and personas to help guide.  This is a living document and is subject to change and remain current. It is my hope that this helps keep everything in one place for you that you can access any time and on any device.  Feel free to share, and use.  Please let me know if something isn’t current, approved, or accurate.

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Mike Tabor Studio is now offering a 16in replica of General James Earl Rudder. The original sculpture is installed on Rudder Way at Tarleton University. Mike Tabor Studio will be donating a portion of the profits from the sales of “General Earl Rudder” to the Texas Corp of Cadets.

A visionary with common sense values. A man who lead others to exceptional achievement and whose service gave us an example of a true leader.

True leadership is defined as the ability to develop people and to help others reach their true potential. General Rudder invested in others. Trusting or maybe even knowing that they would rise to the challenge. He had the uncommon ability to inspire others because he knew that each adversity would give rise to great results. His Integrity, Leadership, Tradition, Civility, Excellence and Service would leave us with the knowledge that we too can live the

“Rudder Way”. 

By Mike Tabor


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Jane Doe

Jane is a new history professor at Tarleton State University. She loves the opportunity she has at the university and is loyal to the school and her students.

Sean Matthews

Sean is a retired engineer who loves history.  He didn’t graduate from Tarleton but he is well versed on who General Earl Rudder and loves collecting Texas heroes.

Jason Wise

Jason is a art history student at Tarleton. He is just starting his journey but is sentimental and loves an opportunity to collect a momento.

Karen Strong

Karen is a retired alumni from Tarleton State.  She loves giving her gifts and talents for scholarships and loves the idea of owning a piece of history.

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Amy Winters

Thank you for trusting me with your brand. I love it.


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Suzy Tabor


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