Brand Guide

Brand Guide

This brand guide is a digital and live version of everything you will need for your branding and marketing efforts.  Below you will have references to approved artwork, links resources you may need, and personas to help guide.  This is a living document and is subject to change and remain current. It is my hope that this helps keep everything in one place for you that you can access any time and on any device.  Feel free to share, and use.  Please let me know if something isn’t current, approved, or accurate.

Logo File Formats
Website Site Map 2020
Project Plan Summer 2020

Logo and Versions



Color Pallete



Voice & Tone

Executive Summary

Dec My Dock is a dock decoration rental service.  Dec My Dock has large and fun designs you can personalize and make your dock or friends doc extra special.  Dec My Dock is locally owned and operated in Granbury, Texas.

Voice & Tone

Dec My Dock is fun, professional and a company you can count on.  The tone is easy going yet reliable.






The People

Jane Doe

Jane is a first time home buyer with no kids or husband. She is new to the process and is excited about purchasing her first home on the water.

Sean Matthews

Sean lives on the lake.  He loves water-sports, and parties.  His neighbors often tell him to keep it down.

Jason Wise

Mr. Wise is retired, but still loved to have fun.  He hosts is his friends and family on his pontoon boat often.  He would love to Dec His Dock to surprise his grandkids or as a fun idea for friends.

Karen Strong

Karen is the glue that holds the family together.  She loves to entertain and is always looking for new fun ideas.

Contact Information


Amy Winters

Thank you for trusting me with your brand. I love it.


Contact Information

Julie Fazio

The Mannings

Website Information

Domain Name –

Hosting Provider – Kinsta

Email – ***

Preferred Vendors (custom signs)