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Brand Guide

This  brand guide is a digital and live version of everything you will need for your branding and marketing efforts.  Below you will have references to approved artwork, links resources you may need, and personas to help guide.  This is a living document and is subject to change and remain current. It is my hope that this helps keep everything in one place for you that you can access any time and on any device.  Feel free to share, and use.  Please let me know if something isn’t current, approved, or accurate.  

Logo File Formats
Business Card Proof
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Social Media Plan – May 2020
Website Site Map 2020
Project Plan Spring 2020

Logo and Versions



Color Pallete



Voice & Tone

Executive Summary

BrightView is proud to serve Granbury and surrounding communities. Our office will be on the Historic Granbury Square, and we will come to you for free consultations to ensure that the purchase and installation is smooth. Give yourself the beauty and comfort of your perfect home. Let us help you brighten your view

BrightView opened in March 2020 to provide Granbury and the surrounding area with complete solutions for windows, doors and window coverings. Partners Brent Holdridge and Colin Walker are committed to delivering a perfect balance of function, fashion, safety and innovation.

Voice & Tone

The ultimate goal at BrightView is to ensure you
are completely satisfied with your home.  We do this by partnering with vendors that share the same commitment to Quality, Service, Technology, Innovation, Safety and Design.


Keys to Success

Building Relationships—Differentiate ourselves from other window and door supplies by developing lasting relationships with our clients beyond just the transactions.

Expertise—Increase competency by prioritizing education to position us as knowledgeable and helpful.  So that we can answer questions and help in a friendly way.

Results—Focus on our business leads to develop strong cash flow.




The People

Karen Strong

Karen is a retiree from out of state looking to retire in Granbury, Texas.  She just bought a home and is looking for a company with integrity and service.

Sean Matthews

Sean is looking to sale his home and is needing to make repairs quickly.  He values budget and return on investment with an easy to work with company.

David Wise

David is a real estate investor and a home flipper and is looking for a company to manage exterior windows. David is extremely busy and most of his research is done on his phone. He values precise timelines and budgets

Jane Doe

Jane is a redoing her home now that the baby has arrived. Is looking for energy efficency and modern styles.

Contact Information


Amy Winters

Thank you for trusting me with your brand. I love it.


Contact Information

Colin Walker

Brent Holdridge

Website Information

Domain Name –

Hosting Provider – BlueHost 

Email – BlueHost

Preferred Vendors

Business Cards – 4Over
Yard Signs – Signs on the Cheap